Sculpture Studio


The Bruce Arnott Sculpture Studio continues to function and is run from his home in Cape Town. Sculptures from existing open editions can be cast and purchased.

Mari, Bruce's widow, a practicing fine artist and university educator in Design, manages the Bruce Arnott Studio for the Bruce Arnott Family Trust.

Mari worked closely with Bruce assisting with production, quality control, mounting of exhibitions, marketing and sales for his solo exhibitions, including Sideshow (Association of the Visual Arts (AVA) Gallery, Cape Town: 2001), Dreamtime: Signs and Portents (Irma Stern Museum, University of Cape Town: 2004), his most recent exhibitions Conjuria and Paradox and Metaphrase (Iona Wine Farm, Elgin, Western Cape: 2012 and 2013, respectively) and individual pieces made until 2018 before he passed away.

The editions of Bruce's sculptures tend to be small editions usually the Artist's Proof (AP) and an edition between one and five casts for each sculpture. Most of the available sculptures are the few editions that are still open from his solo exhibitions after 2000, however there are also a small number of open editions of sculptures that were produced before the 2000s.

Mari works closely with an independent bronze foundry that has developed a good understanding of the unique forms and various finishes required for Bruce Arnott sculptures. All sculptures that are cast meet the highest standards, adhering to the original Artist's Proof (AP) and master casts.

Stamp on each bronze sculpture

On completion, sculptures are stamped with the Bruce Murray Arnott stamp (either BMA or Bruce Arnott depending on the scale of the sculpture), the date when the original sculpture was produced and the edition number.

Enquiries for the purchase of Bruce Arnott sculptures can be made by emailing requests to


The first sketch was the initial early idea which then developed into the second sketch from which the sculpture was modeled in clay before the mould was made for the bronze edition.


All sculptures that are cast meet the highest standards, adhering to the original Artist Proof (AP) and/or master casts.